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Is the plan to create a Global Government?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

There is a theory doing the rounds about this alleged coronavirus pandemic.

I appreciate that many will consider this theory to be baloney, but I feel it has some merit.

The theory goes something like this:

The coronavirus pandemic is being used to bring about a global government.

There are many You Tube sources (some highly reputable):

e.g. Alan Watt at

that have for years been discussing the increase in state control across the globe and the momentum that seems to be building towards a global government that keeps strict control over the physical location and financial dealings of everyone, by using the internet, surveillance and digital money.

You can see the attractions for those in charge, commonly call the "Elites" [The Elites are typically thought of as a cabal of international bank executives (e.g. the Rothchilds, Rockefellers), global corporation leaders (e.g. Bill Gates), some (not all, as many are mere puppets) national government leaders (e.g. Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon) and key global political individuals (e.g Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc.)

Digital money means no one can evade paying tax anymore. The black market can be wiped out. No more hiding money "under the mattress". A good thing you might say given you pay all your taxes and why shouldn't everyone else. The trouble is that if your money only exists digitally, and the control over that system lies with government, what's to stop them dipping into your savings every so often when they need a top-up? "Oh they wouldn't do that", you might say. Really? What about all the tax rises coming down the line to pay for the coronavirus handouts like the furlough scheme? I for one don't see why I should pay for that scheme or any other. I never asked for it, why should I pay for it? In a worst-case scenario what's to stop your life savings disappearing overnight if someone presses the "delete" button. And I don't mean necessarily pressing the button by mistake. It might be done deliberately. With banks threatening to introduce negative interest rates, which means you will pay the bank to hold your money, I don't trust anybody running a bank or a country with my money. The UK government currently gives your tax money to private institutions to establish themselves (very wrong, but when you call it entrepreneurship, it almost legitimises it, doesn't it?). Other nasty surprises can arise with a government and digital money. The government can then use the monetary system to starve you or punish you in some way for breaking the law by depriving you of money. Without money, you have no access to food, shelter or warmth. You better do as you are told then!

Surveillance, particularly using the internet, and all other forms of digital communication (e.g. mobile phone records, ATM usage, CCTV recordings, Amazon Alexa recordings to name but a few) merely increase the ability of governments to know where you are. You will have no place to hide. I recently watched a TV programme on finding missing persons. It was a real eye-opener. Anyone trying to evade police detection hasn't a hope!

Undoubtedly, if you want to ensure a healthy environment to live in, we have to look after the planet as a whole. It is no use everyone in the UK getting rid of their wood-burning stoves, whilst factories in India and China are belching out vast plumes of black smoke. Many would argue that a global government would be better able to enforce planetary obedience. On that one point, I might agree.

But it all feels like a horror show out of a sci-fi movie or like the book "1984". Except that it is becoming real.

Now I am not suggesting that all of a sudden, national governments will be abolished and a global government introduced. But I am suggesting that this coronavirus pandemic may be used to install the foundations of a global government. And just in the same way as the EU started with only a few countries but eventually grew to 27, the foundations of a global government will be built upon with increasing speed as the public becomes accustomed to its existence.

So how might it happen?

Well, the plan may well be for many countries to deliberately bankrupt themselves. Then when the public are starving and/or destitute, the World Bank steps in and lends that country a massive loan. However the price of that loan will be to sign up to the new Global Government initiative, whose remit will be to distribute the loan from the World Bank and ensure it is properly administered. With enough key countries locked into the scheme, the Global Government's remit will move on from a pandemic recovery plan to a growth plan. This Growth Plan will incorporate environmental and financial requirements of that country. As previously said, digital mechanisms will be used to tie down the citizens of those countries into acceptable behaviours. Eventually everyone will be micro-chipped and in true Biblical apocalyptic fashion, we shall all carry the mark of "The Beast". The Beast will be the super computer on which all our personal information is held, and on which we shall all have a unique global number. Big Brother will have arrived.

Did I get a bit carried away there at the end?

Countries wouldn't bankrupt themselves, would they? Well, when I survey the spending behaviour and the social distancing impositions on the citizens of countries the world over, I personally wonder if there is a plan for countries to bankrupt themselves.

Take the furlough scheme. A bit generous wasn't it? Paying 80% of people's wages for at least 6 months for doing nothing. And when you look at Sturgeon's behaviour in Scotland, she seems hell-bent on destroying businesses. I mean the number of deaths from coronavirus in Scotland is now so low that there are probably more people dying from being kicked to death by donkeys every day, and yet still she insists on extreme measures that are destroying businesses. In my opinion she seems to be acting as if she wants the virus to come back in winter so that she can really kill off all businesses. And this type of behaviour from so many government leaders is prevalent throughout the world. What is really going on?

It is all a bit strange.

Look out for the foundations of a Global Government being laid in the next 12 months.


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