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I am thinking of voting again - I must be mad

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So here we are again, another General Election upon us, and I am thinking of voting again. I must be mad.

After the shenanigans of the last 3 years, it became apparent to me that our elected Westminster politicians care not a jot about the public that voted them in. We had a referendum, the majority noted to leave, and 3 years later we are not even close to leaving. Instead the majority of our representatives in Parliament have chosen to fight tooth and nail to deny the public their wishes.

And yet despite the rather obvious fact that they do not represent us, I still find myself thinking I'd better vote in the next election. Why? Well, primarily to stop those parties I really dislike from getting their hands on power. But I still retain the view, that I don't like all politicians, even the ones in the party for which I will vote. That's terribly sad, don't you think? To be honest, if there was a check-box on the ballot paper that said "I dislike all politicians and would rather have a chimpanzee as my elected representative", I'd probably go for that.

You see the trouble is that we, the public, don't really get to choose who we really want. First of all, all parties have a very thorough screening process to ensure that only those with the right characteristics get to stand for election in the first place. In most cases those people require to be careful with their language, tow the party line, and above all politically-correct (ideally, they should be highly supportive of globalism, consumerism, feminist and trans-gender issues). And all parties are the same in this respect. So we don't really get to vote for someone whose views don't fit the mould.

And not only are you told who you can vote for. You are also told what you need to care about. By the media.

I saw a BBC poll on TV the other night that said that the issues the public cared most about were:

  • Brexit

  • Health

  • Crime

  • Immigration

  • Economy

Now this is nonsense. These are not the issues that the public really care about. These are the issues that the media, in particular BBC News, tells the the public they should care about, by covering these issues all the time on the news. People are not being given the chance to discuss what they really care about.

I suspect the following list is really what the public care about:

  • When is someone going to reduce income tax by at least 5% across the board?

  • When is someone going to halve my Council Tax?

  • When is VAT going to be halved?

  • When is my quality of life actually going to improve?

  • When are the potholes on the road going to be fixed?

  • When am I going to be able to get a doctors appointment as soon as I need it?

  • When is the media going to stop bombarding us all with political correctness?

  • When is the media going to stop turning women into blokes?

  • When are the indigenous population going to come first before minorities?

  • When are those that bother to work going to see the benefits of their efforts?

  • When is cold calling going to be properly dealt with?

  • When are the banks going to be forced to pay an interest rate on savings that keeps up with inflation, so that there is actually a reason to save?

You see, none of the above issues will ever be raised in the build-up to the General Election. We will be told by the media what we must care about.

And it's all a joke; one big circus.

The Labour Party are promising to borrow like crazy to re-energise the economy. Here we go again. The Tories spend a decade in power sorting out the debt left by previous Labour governments, and then just when we can look forward to things getting better in a controlled and sensible manner, Labour want to come in and borrow so heavily we will go back to where we started - deep in debt.

We never get out the bit. Swinging from a decade of an over-borrowing Labour government, to a decade of a Tory government that is forced to bring austerity upon us all to sort out the financial mess.

And as for the SNP and Liberals (note I don't refer to them as the Liberal Democrats because they are clearly not democratic as far as Brexit is concerned), there seems to be a common pattern to the way that female leaders behave. Take Sturgeon and Swinson. Both are "shouty". Both love blaming everyone else for things that are wrong. And yet none ever come up with the answer themselves when tested. Both love to twist every incident to their own advantage, twisting the story and their viewpoint at every turn for a cheap political score. And both seem to think that they can say anything as fact to promote themselves in the belief that if they say it often enough and loud enough, it must be true. I wouldn't trust these women with a sweetie shop, never mind the country's future.

Yes, I am mad. I am going to vote again.

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