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Humza wins an Asian award - and that's not racist, is it?

It caught my eye that Humza Yousaf won "Scot of the Year 2023" in the Scottish Asian and Business Awards.

If you study the list of winners in this supposedly prestigious awards event, you are presented with the names of approximately 34+ winners in an event that celebrates the achievements of Scottish-Asian businesses and people.

And apparently this is the 16th running of this event.

Now I thought we lived in a society where singling out the achievements of people of a particular race was rather tasteless, if not illegal, to say the least. But is appears you can do this if you are an Asian living in Scotland.

I do not raise this issue with any intention to demean the talent and skill of these individuals that won recognition. But it does concern me that they are singled out based on their race.

Does this mean we can have an awards ceremony for the "best Caucasians" in society? Or the best "white indigenous Scots"? Or maybe just the best "white people"? Somehow I don't think that would be allowed.

And yet somehow you can get away with this racist promoting of people if they are Asian.

And as we frequently see in the media you can have all sorts of black award ceremonies e.g. "MOBO" awards, "BET" awards, "Black Reel" awards, etc.

It is pure hypocrisy. If we cannot have awards for only white people then we should not have awards based on any other race either.


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