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Flabbergasted that Scots think Sturgeon is competent

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

I am flabbergasted that Scots apparently think Sturgeon is competent in her handling of the pandemic.

Just because the woman can stand on a podium, spread a pair of open hands, and talk like she is a balanced, reasonable person, does not make her competent. Let's face it, anyone who dyes their hair ginger to make themselves look more Scottish, must have a screw loose somewhere.

Sturgeon is like a bad scientist, picking and choosing to report only the results she likes.

Recently she stated that studies had shown that the return of infected hospital patients to care homes had not caused a significant spread of the infection in those homes.

More recently she stated that schools were not a significant spreading ground for the virus.

This is pure poppycock. If the virus does not spread in care homes or schools, why on earth are half the population of the country locked down?

Sturgeon seems to think the virus will only spread in the areas where she will allow it to spread. It's baloney. She must have an ego the size of a planet. King Canute is a shrinking violet compared to this psychopathic woman. She is playing at God.

All this framework of tiers about shops, alcohol, premises that serve food, or don't serve food, indoors or outdoors, numbers of people here and there, it is all baloney. It is simply a guise to give the impression that controlling the virus is difficult and complex, and only she is clever enough to do so.

Sturgeon is lapping up playing at God. She has developed this tier framework so she can administer her medicine to different parts of the country as she sees fit. It is a framework that allows her to rule like a dictator over the lives of the Scottish population, without their being any sanity or common sense behind it. It is also a means by which she no longer has to come up with new ways of controlling the virus. No longer has to do any serious thinking. Simply sit down at a meeting of advisors once a week, then pick your victim for which county is next to be handed some bad medicine.

This pandemic has been disastrously controlled since it began. Handling a virus pandemic is simple. All you have to do is find all the infected people, and separate them from the non-infected ones. It has nothing to do with opening and closing businesses, food, alcohol, travel, etc.

Here is how it should have been handled:

  1. The instant the virus was known about, entry in and out of the country should have been restricted to only absolutely essential people. You need to create a "closed system" if you are to have any hope of controlling the spread.

  2. Early doors, every person living or entering Scotland should have been tested in order to find all infected people.

  3. All infected people should have been isolated from non-infected people.

  4. Then you maintain a system of testing everyone, frequently and regularly (at least every 2 weeks), and isolating the infected from the non-infected.

The above strategy may sound labour and time intensive, but it would only have been so at the start. A rapid decline in the number of infected cases would have rapidly lessened the damage done to people's livelihoods and businesses. Not to mention, saved thousands of lives.

So when I hear that the majority of Scots think Sturgeon is doing a great job, I hang my head in despair.

She is no better or worse than Boris Johnson. Both have done a terrible job in controlling the spread of the virus, but only one has the humility to admit their limitations..... and it's not Sturgeon.

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Nov 19, 2020

It’s no about the virus anymore, the wee tyrant knows it’s about control and the vaccination reset. We have to fight back against this evil.

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