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Finally, Aberdeen Council gets something right

Walked past the refurbishment of Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens this weekend.

Past the statue of William Wallace and Prince Albert, where part of the refurbishment has been completed and is now open to the public.

Gazing upon the foot of the Willie Wallace statue, initially I thought "Well, they've made a right mess of that, the area is flooded after a rainstorm".

And then I realised that the water flowing water at his feet was a deliberate, installed water feature.

And I have to say "I like it!"

Congratulations ACC, you finally got something right.

The granite paved area, the flowing water at the feet of William Wallace, the "tram-style" cafe and the Prince Albert statue collectively make a very nice and attractive area.

Let's hope the rest of Union Terrace Gardens can be restored to a quality as good as this portion, and that it opens soon.

And let's hope that the cost of supplying energy to the water pump at Willie's feet doesn't become an issue resulting in it being turned off, as became the fate of so many water features throughout parks in Aberdeen over the past decades.


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