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Eat Meat, Eat Meat, Eat Meat

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So the latest BBC News propaganda campaign is to tell the public not to eat meat.

Excuse me for falling off my chair laughing, but has the BBC News recently become a comedy slot on the TV?

Are we really to believe that cows, pigs and sheep are destroying the planet by simply existing, what with all their belching and farting, thus apparently filling the atmosphere with methane.

Oh, come on, is it April Fools Day?

I seriously hope the public can see through this most comical of story-lines, but unfortunately I am afraid too many members of the public that disengaged their brains from reality a long time ago, will believe anything you tell them as long as it is delivered from a screen.

Behind the comedy however is a rather dastardly propaganda campaign designed to tell the mass public that they have to under-nourish their bodies to save the planet, whilst the rich and powerful will continue to eat from a banquet of meats behind the closed doors of their mansions.

Don't let it happen. Oppose this advice at all costs.

My goodness the next thing they will be telling us is that we should be eating insects and beasties. What, they already are................?

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