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Coronavirus - who changed the record?

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Have you noticed how the mood of people is changing as the number of dead rises and the reality of how dangerous the Coronavirus really is, sinks home? If it wasn't such a serious matter, it would be quite funny.

Go back one month ago, and people were falling over themselves to volunteer to help the vulnerable during the pandemic. That was when only 10 people a day were dying in the UK, back in March. People were still thinking like they used to in the pre-Corona world, doing all they can to improve their public image, basically saying look at me, "Amn't I a wonderful person, such a nice person, helpful and sacrificial".

Boy has the picture changed in the last week. Now when we hear of doctors, nurses and care home workers dying, people don't want to put their own lives and those of their family at risk. And completely understandable too.

Nurses unions are telling nurses not to work if they are being asked to treat Corona victims without acceptable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Teachers do not want to return to work in May in case the children they are educating are carrying the virus.

Care home workers are terrified they will catch the virus from the afflicted and take it home to their families.

All perfectly understandable. Laying your life on the line is one thing (though not very sensible), but putting your children's lives at risk too simply isn't on.

Reality has now struck home. I never did like those folks that constantly made a show of their volunteering, effectively saying "Look at me, look at me, amn't I such a nice person?"

To those that volunteered without show, I say "Good on you". To those that volunteered too hastily and are now living in fear I say, "Well you asked for it".

Also, whatever happened to the Health and Safety at Work Act? How does it go? "Employers have a legal duty to protect their employees from harm". Well boy did that go out the window by putting doctors and nurses in the firing line without adequate PPE, just like soldiers of the First World War being told to go over the top to their deaths. Have no doubt, there will be thousands of lawsuits in years to come from relatives of those that died in the course of their employment without adequate protection.

As for all this "Clap for Carers". Kind of reminds me of when young men were clapped off to their deaths by women and children as they marched through the village high street to the boats taking them to the trenches in Europe.

And whilst the nurses that are treating Coronavirus patients truly are heroes, I'm afraid I find all this dancing in the hospital corridors and sticking the videos on You Tube to be extremely tasteless. There are people dying in the wards next to you, for God's Sake. Screw the nut.

Regretting volunteering
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