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Coming soon - the Rural Clearances

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Sticking my neck out here. But I feel the need to raise the issue of rural clearances. A trend is developing whereby our global masters (whoever that might be), in their endeavours to protect the Earth from the environmental impact that humans wreck upon the planet, have ever so slightly, begun the process of moving people off the countryside and into the city.

Governments around the globe are beginning to recognise that humans are doing intolerable harm to the natural environment by sprawling across the globe, and that the only way to save the planet is by reducing the number of people living in the countryside and instead keep humans in cities, thereby limiting global damage.

This frees up the countryside for the natural world (refer to my earlier article on Human-free zones). In fact, before you dismiss all this as poppy-cock, be aware that this is an idea that has been discussed in political circles, that the government should pay farmers in the UK NOT to farm land, but rather to allow it to go wild. It has been suggested that half of UK farmland is moved towards this goal. And you the taxpayer will be paying for it of course.

Keeping people in cities also makes them far easier to control (every psychopathic leader's dream). We've all seen the sci-fi movies whereby everyone lives in tall cities, moving around on vehicles that either travel through tubes, or fly through the air; well this is the start of moving towards that way of living.

For example, look at the move towards removing diesel vehicles from our cities. Once you trap people in cities by taking away their private transport, then no one will be able to live out in the countryside. You might say diesel vehicles will still be available for those in the countryside, but not so. Once the demand drops, no manufacturer will want to make them.

There are many ways you can encourage people to live in the city instead of the country:

1. Take away their private transport - happening

2. Make rural broadband intolerably slow - happening

3. Make rural public transport limited and infrequent - happening

3. Create private vehicles with far less range than before - happening with electric vehicles

4. Develop inner-city housing - happening in every UK city with discounts for developers

5. Encourage people to live in city centres - happening in every UK city as flats replace shops

6. I could go on........

Have you noticed how the TV news channels are selectively bombarding the public with stories of Californian and Australian bush fires? The subliminal message that is being put across is that it isn't safe to live in rural settings as global warming will burn you out.

And how do these fires start? It's not impossible that they are being started deliberately by people tasked with creating such fear. Governments are not always nice.

You see whilst all of the above may sound unrealistic, do not dismiss this proposition altogether. It doesn't take long to change the global population. The average human lives for about 80 years. So all you have to do to make a marked effect on the global population is change the living and breeding habits of humans over a couple of generations. Our global masters are aware of this, and you are are the ones they are going for.

One thing you can be sure of is that whilst most of the public are being brainwashed into living in cities, giving up their holidays abroad and giving up meat, our elite masters will not inflict this minimisation upon themselves. Oh no, they will continue to visit the countryside (now much more like a safari park once humans are out), take flights abroad and eat as much meat as they want.

You have been warned............................................................

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