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Brexit - the truth

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Do not be fooled. Brexit is not a disaster waiting to happen.

Back in 2016, the majority (52%) of voters wanted to leave the EU. They knew it would be an unravelling process that would take some time. but they wanted out of this gargantuan monster which was essentially unelected and ruling over their lives.

Everything you hear in the media about Brexit being a disaster is pure fabrication. We haven't left yet! No one knows whether it will be good or bad. It may be fantastic.

This Brexit conundrum is essentially a battle between the bankers, politicians and business leaders vs. the ordinary person in the street. The former do better within the EU, the latter would do better outwith the EU.

However unfortunately, the media, Sky and BBC for example, are on the side of the former and are being highly selective in what they choose to present on the TV, radio and newspapers. Listen to the BBC at your peril, it is the most biased, left-wing propaganda media outlet you are ever likely to come across, and it has half the population of this country brain-washed into believing Brexit will be a disaster.

To prove my point, the CEO of the Bank of England (Mark Carney) said last week that the worst-case scenario of a Brexit no-deal was a drop in house prices of 30%. Everyone in this country should be rejoicing at that news, particularly young people struggling to get on the housing ladder, and perhaps also the homeless. The only people who gain with high house prices are the bankers (that's a surprise, eh?) who make most money by lending out when prices are high. But unfortunately the young folk of this country are so brain-washed into believing they are cosmopolitan whilst older voters are too old and dumb to understand the modern world, that they cannot see that they are shooting themselves in the foot by wanting to remain in the EU.

Brexit was never difficult to carry out. Basically you tell the EU you are leaving, pay your dues, and say goodbye. Brexit has been sabotaged by Theresa May who chose to go against the public vote and try to negotiate a kind of "foot in each camp" Brexit that essentially keeps the UK in the EU whilst satisfying only some of the demands of those that wanted to leave. But it does the opposite of what leavers wanted. It actually keeps us tied and under the control of the EU.

If Brexit does not happen in the manner that was requested by 52% of the voters, then I predict there will be repercussions for decades to come. Those Leave voters will most likely never vote again in any election, and we will then face decades of decline as political system and democracy crashes all around us. They will not forget.

I hope we crash out with a no-deal, but it will not happen. The EU are not so stupid as to let that happen. An extension beyond 29 Mar 2019 to further delay leaving is almost certain.

We should never have had a woman leading the negotiations. No balls.

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