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Black History Month - give me a break!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So today is the 1st of October and apparently the start of Black History Month according to the media.

Well, you could have fooled me, I've never heard of it. Yet if you look it up online (e.g. see link below, you would think it had been around for years and silly me, where have I been? I must be about as daft as someone who didn't realise Christmas was 25th December every year)

Well, not quite.

Yet here we go again with the media banging its "Black Lives Matter" drum. Clearly the BLM movement has become a little tedious and needs a fresh makeover, so we are getting Black History Month rammed down our throats in case we had forgotten how much Black Lives Matter.

Personally, as a white person, I resent paying a TV licence to be put on guilt trips every night and day about how bad a person I am for having white skin and being so discriminatory against black people.

To me, if you believe in racial equality, you don't notice a person's race. You simply get to know them and decide whether you like that person or not. Which is why I find these never-ending media campaigns promoting the virtueness of black people, and the supposed discriminatory attitudes of all white people so unpleasant.

Why can't we have the campaign that "All Lives Matter"? Or "Great Historical People Month"?

Ask yourself this. Would it ever be acceptable to have a "White Lives Matter" campaign? Or a "White History Month"? Well. clearly the media thinks not. Which to my mind means why is it acceptable to have similar campaigns where the word "white" is replaced with "black"? That's racial discrimination, isn't it?!

Some might say that there is still discrimination against black people that needs addressed and that white people need re-educated. I just don't buy that. In my opinion, in our modern society you are constantly tested on a daily basis, mostly in the workplace, and also in social circles. Are you good at your job? Can you socialise with other people and be liked? In my opinion, if you can answer yes to both these questions, then you will do OK for yourself, regardless of your skin colour.

I don't think I have ever seen a black person speak up for, or assist, a white person, ever. OK, I will retract that. The one notable exception I can think of was the case of Patrick Hutchinson who recently carried an injured counter-protester to safety in London (see photo). Having seen him interviewed on TV, I was well impressed by the man. But this role reversal in racial thinking is a rare thing indeed.

And we mustn't forget that there are many white people in jail or up in Court, so it's not as if society doesn't recognise that white-skinned individuals can be bad citizens too.

Black isn't even a race. So why do we say someone is racist if they discriminate against a person with black skin?

The five main races of the world are Caucasian, Negroid, Aboriginal, Oriental and Eskimo. These five races have similar looks and behavioural traits because they share similar DNA, the result of gene pools that have reproduced within their own gene pool for millenia.

Trying to deny racial differences can only be achieved by covering your eyes and ears and switching your brain off. Life requires the use of its senses to survive, and our senses perceive. So rather than force-feed us all the correct way to think, it would be far better if the media pursued a campaign that said don't discriminate based on looks, but get to know the person. That way you don't bring race into the argument.

Finally, I would just like to address the matter of who is pushing the media to constantly bang the "whites are such nasty people" drum?

Well, there are some very rich Foundations in the world. Thousands in fact. And some are very wealth with balance sheets running into billions of pounds.

Here is a list of just a few (predominantly American). If you look them up, you will quickly see where all this thought-correcting propaganda is coming from:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (

The Ford Foundation (

The MacArthur Foundation (

The Rockefeller Foundation (

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (

Open Society Foundations (

So come on media, give us whitees a break.


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