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BBC Question Time and Brexit

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Have no doubt, the BBC is anti-Brexit and is doing everything in its power to prevent it.

Though BBC presenters would deny this and claim they are unbiased, every now and again the truth slips out. Here's an example:

Question Time, Thu 10th Jan 2019, presented by Fiona Bruce

The program had been running for about half an hour. The audience had spoke on several occasions about the possibility of having a second referendum, with the obvious intent of changing the first referendum result in favour of remaining in the EU, and Fiona Bruce had been largely positive about such a possibility.

Then a very sensible man in the audience said "Nobody knows what Brexit will actually be like as we are not there yet, so why don't we go ahead with Brexit and then perhaps several years later, with a clear head and having had experience of Brexit, we could have a second referendum then to see if the public want to go back into the EU or stay out".

Fiona Bruce was aghast. She said in a loud, highly disgusted voice "A second referendum! Are you kidding?! Go through this again!. You are kidding."

The message slipped out.

The message is that in the BBC's eyes having a second referendum to stop Brexit is a good idea that is no hassle at all. But to have a second referendum once we know what Brexit is like is abhorrent and too much hassle.

How is it that a second referendum is fine in the first instance but unbearable in the second?

The answer is obvious. The BBC only wants a second referendum to stop Brexit.


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