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BBC coming to Aberdeen - go away!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So the BBC is coming to Aberdeen to present its annual offering, "The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award". And we're all supposed to be ever so grateful for it bestowing this honour upon Aberdeen. Well, I for one won't be falling at their feet in gratitude.

I can't stand the BBC.

This is an organisation that is on an agenda:

1. to destroy the traditional Christian nature of our country

2. that forces everyone to pay a compulsory tax (the licence fee) whether or not you want to watch or listen to BBC programmes, including pensioners over the age of 75

3. that is on a mission to destroy any trace of self-respect that the white male of the UK is currently allowed to afford himself, with daily news items of male domestic abuse and male criminality (items about female instigators are very rarely presented)

4. that is on a liberalist agenda to create a multi-faith, multi-race society whether you want it or not

5. that selectively seeks female commentators for just about every subject requiring expert comment, all in a bid to bend the public mind towards believing that women are not just as competent, but are as willing as men to work in STEM occupations, the latter of which is clearly not the case (the evidence is out there). But this leads on to point 8. below.

6. that selectively aims to turn the public mind against Brexit, by continuing to present Brexit as if it is an act of self-harm on a daily basis

7. that breaks the law on impartiality just about every day.

8. and fundamentally is a key mover in bringing about a one-world government and a micro-chipped population where family size and population growth will be limited through enforcement.

As for "The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award", I wonder what gives the BBC the right to ingratiate itself with truly successful sportsmen and sportswomen in a bid to promote the BBC brand. It fair sticks in my gullet to see the way these successful individuals are thrust in front of the camera and forced to pay homage to the BBC for honouring them with this pointless trophy. Thankfully some of the winners manage to bail out by finding somewhere else to go on the night, though even then the BBC sends a camera to take them away from their tea and force them to pay homage in a live interview. Enough to make even the strongest sportsperson chuck it up afterwards.

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