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Barney's bikes - another hair-brained scheme from Aberdeen City Council

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

What is it with bicycles and Aberdeen City Council? ACC remind me of the pigs in Animal Farm - "Four legs good, two legs bad". Only with ACC, it's "two wheels good, four wheels bad".

ACC just can't seem to get their head around the fact that bicycles don't mix well with either vehicular traffic or pedestrians. And there currently isn't the space for all 3 modes of transport in our city centres.

We have all been in cars where a pair of cyclists are side by side on the road, you cannot get past them, and they refuse to move into single lane. Very frustrating and very dangerous too, for both cyclist and driver.

But perhaps for me, my biggest concern is as a pedestrian, particularly in Union Street, in the very centre of Aberdeen.

Cyclists appear in increasing numbers to be riding on the pavement, presumably because they fear being on the road. Well, that may be great for them, but it's not great for the pedestrians who risk being struck by bicycles weaving in and out, and sometimes travelling at speed towards them.

They also appear to have claimed ownership over the pavement extensions that ACC have recently introduced to allow pedestrians to remain 2m apart to avoid coronavirus transmission.

And as ever, neither the Council or the Police do anything to prevent this happening.

Get a grip Council. Do whatever it takes to stop cycling in pedestrian areas before some innocent pedestrian is killed.

And please stop putting cycling on a pedestal as if it is the answer to all environmental concerns.

If you cannot find a way to give cycling its own designated cycle lanes, and cannot enforce the segregation of cyclists from pedestrians, then please stop pedalling your love affair with all things "bike".

Can Aberdeen City Council please get the bicycles off our pavements?
"Get out of my way, the pavement belongs to me!"

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