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"And you shall go to the (Xmas) Ball !"

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

It's so obvious isn't it, what Sturgeon is going to do next.

Sturgeon knows full well that the vast majority of the public are not going to be told they cannot meet their family over Christmas.

She knows full well that whatever she says, people are going to meet up with family at Christmas.

So never one to miss a political opportunity, Sturgeon plans to act the Fairy Godmother and grant us all a Christmas Wish.

"You can all meet with your family on the 25th and 26th December" she will pronounce. Probably something like up to 12 people from 4 different households. "But only for those two days, mind!"

And the Scottish public must rejoice and pay homage to Fairy Godmother Sturgeon for her benevolence. "What a woman!", she envisages the public saying to themselves.

Well, envisage this Sturgeon, "On yer bike".

The public would have been meeting up over Christmas whatever you said.


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