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And so the Western propaganda ramps up

Don't get me wrong.

The killing of innocent civilians, and Ukrainians being forced to flee their homes is abhorrent. As ever, it is the innocent that suffer in any war.

But the propaganda being unleashed upon the TV viewing public in the UK borders on juvenile.

We are led to believe that Putin is a monster who has invaded Ukraine for no other reason than to take over more land. This, of course, is a gross over-simplification of the facts. And as ever, there are two sides to every story.

All that Russia wanted (and still does) was for Ukraine to write into its constitution that it would never join the EU or NATO, and if it did so, it could remain an independent country.

Was that really so unreasonable a request?

Can anyone really blame Putin for being concerned by the Westernisation of former Soviet states and especially concerned of having Ukraine on its border had it joined NATO?

I mean, Western history tells us that the USA were right to insist that the USSR removed its missiles from Cuba back in the 60s, because they threatened US cities. Is it really any different for Russia to be concerned about having a NATO country on its borders, one which would undoubtedly have Western missiles placed along its border with Russia? The parallel is obvious.

Personally, I find Putin's requests fairly reasonable. But it is the West that refuses to compromise, and allow Russia to feel secure within its own land. The West are acting like the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis.

And as for the current sanctions on Russia whereby anything or anyone deemed Russian is to be financially obliterated, and have their assets stolen off them, ......well this is quite abominable, frankly. This is an attack on innocent citizens. It reminds me of Germany back in the 30s when the Jews were singled out for terrible treatment and "Jude" was daubed on shop windows. Has history taught us nothing? Perhaps Putin had a point when he referred to certain factions of the West as Neo-Nazis.

I hear Putin has stopped the transmission of BBC World News in Russia. I can't blame him. With its propogandist, selective news stories, it is hardly a factual news station. What we need is a news channel that delivers both sides of the story.

I have not, to date, heard any TV news channel in the UK, explain what Putin and Russia wants, and explains the concerns he has that has driven him to take action.

It seems nothing ever changes in war-time. The public are fed propaganda as news, and the majority lap it up, like they are children watching a cowboys and Injuns movie.

Here's your listening homework:

Let the Propaganda become the News. We are at war after all!
Let the Propaganda become the News. We are at war after all!

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