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And so the globalists got their puppet president........

Updated: Mar 16

If you haven't figured it out by now, let me explain.

The US election was not a fair one. Yes, Trump doesn't do himself any favours, but when the global media is against you, it's not that hard to look stupid.

By selectively broadcasting every little gaffe or misdemeanor that Trump carried out in the last four years the global media has successfully, and unfairly, cast Trump as an eedjit.

So when Trump says that the election was rigged against him, like the boy that cried wolf, no one believes him. Except me.

I am convinced that a hidden cabal, probably deliberately kept secret from Joe Biden, did indeed rig the election by constantly "topping up" the Biden postal votes in marginal states, until the required majority was achieved. I honestly believe that this was an election where the global elites decided that Trump had to go, by whatever means. "The cause justified the means", in their eyes.

You see, Trump was a thorn in the side of the globalists. Unlike Obama, Bush and Clinton before him, he wasn't a globalist. He didn't support the "New World Order". The global elites had to postpone their globalist plans for 4 years, but they sure as hell weren't going to let him to it for another 4 years.

And the globalists have the media on their side. They always have.

Isn't it funny how the moment they could, the world's main media companies all called the election won for Joe Biden. The plan was clearly that if they said it often enough in the week after the election, that any attempt by Trump to challenge the result in court would look like the antics of a bad loser. Whatever happened to waiting until the law courts adjudicated on the legality of the voting? You can bet your bottom dollar that if Biden had legally challenged after a Trump victory that the media would have done their utmost to support the legal challenges. And since when did the networks call the election result? Think about that.

Can you see the similarity with the three years of media coverage in the UK that sought to cancel the Brexit vote? Constantly try to belittle those who voted in the "non-globalist" direction, and have the result reversed.

Biden is 78 years old. He is a puppet president. He is the ideal choice for the global elites who wish to bring about a global government. He will sign off everything they want. And don't get me started on the Indian woman Harris. Selected as Biden's running mate because she is female and black, not because of her competency? Isn't that both sexist and racist (oh, excuse me, I forgot that sexism and racism only works in one direction)?

In the USA, the public can look forward to four years of their standard of living being brought down whilst Biden signs off on an agenda of increased taxes to pay for Covid debt, increased taxes to pay for environmental initiatives, increased taxes to pay for increased welfare benefits as the global socialist agenda unfolds, and unlimited promoting of black, feminist, LBGT and other minority agendas.

And they say that when the USA sneezes, the UK catches a cold. Don't expect anything to be very different here in the UK. The working man of the UK has one-hell-of-a hard 4 years ahead of him.

And you thought life with Trump was challenging. Careful what you wish for.




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