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A word of advice to those seeking Scottish Independence

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

So you hate England, you have your Saltire flag, you like a drink, you love marching and waving your flag, and you cannot wait for the day that Scotland gains its independence from its union with England. The joy of seeing the sadness in the English politicians' eyes. "Get it up ye". The night Scotland gets its independence, oh boy, what a celebration we will have.

That at least is the way I see most independence-seekers. The trouble is, what happens after the night before? One almighty hangover I reckon, that will probably last for the rest of any seeker's lifetime.

You see Scotland is running a £15 billion deficit. That means Scotland spends £15 billion pounds more every year that it makes from taxes. Someone has to make up the difference otherwise payouts such as benefits and spending on infrastructure, for example, need to be severely cut. Given a great deal of seekers rely on benefits payments, they may well be cutting their own throats, or cutting off their noses to spite their faces, in seeking independence.

Most modern nations borrow money from international banks, or even the World Bank. But you only get a loan if you can pay it back over decades. Thus, to borrow large sums of money you need a large working population. This where the UK has an advantage over Scotland. The rest of the UK's working population numbers 30 million ; Scotland's working population numbers a mere 2.6 million.

It won't be too long before the Scottish Government is in crisis, running out of money. And not for the first time in its history.

The most obvious solution will be to join a union of other countries so that the union has access to large amounts of borrowed money. In other words, having left the union with England (and Wales and NI), we shall be forced to find another union. There is only one other option - the EU.

So if we can rejoin the EU (and currently we do not meet their fiscal requirements), we shall not really be independent. We shall be ruled mostly by France and Germany. Scotland will be a "minnow" at the EU table.

And the EU will want something for letting us join their club. Undoubtedly they will see Scotland as a solution to their immigrant crisis. Somewhere they can put millions of the refugees flooding Europe from the war-torn Middle East and Africa. There will also be a great many from Eastern Europe.

And Scotland will not be in a position to protest; they will simply have to comply as a condition of being allowed to join the EU.

In fact, the Scottish government will probably throw the doors open and roll out the red carpet to these immigrants, in a bid to increase the working population. You only have to listen to Sturgeon's regular pronouncements on welcoming immigrants to know that this is indeed what will happen.

The population of Scotland may well change from 5.4 million to 8 million in as little as seven years. How different Scotland will look then. No longer a country of Picts and Irish immigrants but a "rainbow" nation. I wonder how many of the immigrants will care to take up the Saltire flag then? Very few, I reckon. I can already hear the cry from many indigenous Scots against "all the foreigners taking their jobs" in our country.

And it is not a new thing for a country to rebel against an influx of immigrants. Look back into your history and you will see the creation of sectarianism caused when Irish Catholics migrated into the west coast of Scotland (or Protestants into N. Ireland).

Add into this mix of hostility towards the immigrants, the division across our island nation, as tension grows with our southern neighbour England, and we may well find our country back to where it was 700 years ago, fighting politically with the English parliament, and enduring the hatred that will build towards the English population. Which will undoubtedly be reciprocated.

Yes seekers, you really need to think very carefully about what you wish for Scotland. Your desire for independence brings to mind the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for".

I for one, do not think one night's glorious drunken celebration when independence is granted is worth all the pain and suffering that will follow.


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